Elevate Dining Experiences with Interactive Digital Menus

Discover the future of dining with our interactive Digital Menus. Reduce costs, and enhance satisfaction with dynamic visuals and real-time updates

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Digital Menu

Main Features

Customizable look & feel

Show your items with the colors of your brand

Detailed presentation

Show your items' prices, description, calories, and tags

Instant changed

Say goodbye to printing costs with immediate changes to the menu

Reports & Analysis

live reports for menu and items views

Customer feedback

Allow your customer to share feedback, and keep the best service level

Timed menus

automatically show menus for specific times. For example, lunch menu from 2:00 to 5:00 PM every Tuesday

Get up to 30% more reach by sharing your menus on social media

Reduce table turning time by up to 10%

Analytics of your visitors and the source they come from

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